Clipping Path Services - Price Starts from $0.49/Image

Photo quality is the most important factor for an online sale and clipping path is the technique to remove an unwanted background of an image and put it on a perfect or desired background, most common of them are white or a grey background. But not all clipping paths are alike and the amount of time spent to process them would define their category.

There are 3 main categories that a clipping path can be defined into – Basic Clipping Path, Medium Clipping Path, Complex Clipping Path. You can choose our free trial option and send couple of images to us with your clipping path needs and we can determine their category and provide a quote accordingly. The trial work is absolutely free of cost.

Clipping Path Service Categories

Basic Clipping Path

A basic clipping path has simple and less curves and no holes. Examples include Mobiles, Plates, Caps, Balls or any product which requires less anchor points. Time taken to process these images is significantly lesser so large batch of images can be processed in a quick span of time.

We price these at just $0.49 per image.”

Bulk discounts or any other discount coupons may apply.

Medium Clipping Path

An image requiring multiple clipping paths and higher number of anchor points can be classified as a medium clipping path. Products such as Shoes, Watches, Mugs or any products that have holes and have a complex shape or curve. Time taken to process these images is higher as compared to a basic one.

We price these projects at $0.99 per image.

Bulk discounts or any other discount coupons may apply.

Complex Clipping Path

“An image that has lots of different shapes, require some shadows, holes to be cut out, these can be classified as a complex one. Products such as Jewelry items, Chandeliers, different plants, they all require high number of anchor points than the basic images. Time taken to edit these images is on the higher side and you need steady hands for perfection.

We price these projects at $4.99 per image.”

What is Clipping path?

Clipping path is a method to cut out background from an image by simply drawing a path over the edges of the object that needs to be highlighted. At TSS, we do not use an automation as a shortcut for quick results but rather do the hard yards and use a Pen Tool for a much cleaner and finished look for all our images. A hard-edged vector marking technique to separate the required part from the image.

Who needs clipping path service?

Photographers, Retailers, Website owners, Store owners, Ecommerce Websites, Post production Agencies, Designers, Advertising Agencies or any individual who would like to cut their background can use this service.

Why clipping path?

Clipping path service can benefit you in a number of ways. Take a look at the list below to learn the usefulness of the service.

  • Removing unwanted objects from the images
  • Repurpose of images with a relevant background
  • Create a transparent background
  • Eye pleasing images for your end customers
  • Spread your brand with high quality images for global audience