Color Correction & Editing


Color correction is the art of fixing color of product images to represent them as accurate as possible. You can shoot the product as good as you like but there are still improvements that can be made in post-production. The 2 main aspects of Color Correction Are Color Matching and Recoloring. Color matching is the technique to match the colors in the product image to the photographed product as accurate as possible.

Recoloring is the technique to change the colors of the product image to different colors of the same product. This helps in saving costs for photography and products.

Color Correction Service Categories

Model Photography :

Color photos have a wide palette of shading to choose from that can help solidify your brand and product style. Brands hire models to showcase the use of their products for their customers. Color correction helps to enhance the image by enhancing and upgrading color and exposure of the image. In the post process of the image the apparel, background, ambience and skin needs to be matched with the original shot.

Product Recoloring:

Color choice is a subjective thing which differs from person to person. Brands love to provide their customers with different color options of the same product. The simpler and a cost effective way to achieve this is product recoloring. The color variation highlights the beauty and uniqueness of the product and customers can choose the ones they desire. check our services Bulk discounts or any other discount coupons may apply.

What is Color Correction?

Generally during the photography due to lighting, perspective, photographic environment, camera settings, the natural color of product may be changed. The natural light can either highlight your product or damage its original look. You can fix these issues in post by using Photoshop or Lightroom. Adjustments such as white balance, gray balance, hue, saturation, exposure, and much more can be changed. The product becomes more attractive to look at for the customers.

The TSS team will first work cut out your image using the pen tool and put on the desired background. We will then clean up the image where certain parts would require some dodge and burn and add any texture or gain as per requirement. All the parts will be worked on in layers so that the original image stays untouched and layers can be turned on and off as per the need. Finally, the product is color matched on the screen to match the color of the product in real life. Recoloring is almost similar to color matching with one key difference, we are changing the color palette to a different color for the same product.