High End Photo Retouching Services

High End Retouching requires a lot of attention to detail while analyzing your perfect shot and take it to the next level. Not all images need to be this good but certain shots need this level of retouch. Businesses which deal with these level of photos on a daily basis are Luxury Magazines, Fashion Industries, Real Estate, Publications, wedding photographers, jewelry and cosmetic brands, well known apparel and shoe brands and more. The retouch involves a lot of techniques such as skin retouch, color correction, removal of wrinkles, hair masking, dodge & burn along with other basic retouching.

 High end retouch has a higher demand for fashion industries. Its brings an incredible output for glamourous photos. But it can take 1 or 2 hours to edit one image, depending on the level of retouch required thus making it an expensive one.

High End Photo Retouching Service Categories

High End Beauty Retouching

TSS Team will make sure that your final image meets the guidelines as requested. For models we can assist in highlighting skin using techniques such as dodge and burn, adding eye lashes, enhancing eye brows, body slimming, changing color, fixing exposure, sharpening and various other enhancements as needed.


  • Nondestructive photo retouching where our retouching experts will remove imperfections while keeping the natural texture and color.
  • Color correction techniques to enhance and modify images for the perfect color combination with correct exposures and lighting.
  • Background editing and compositing of images to make sure your final product aligns with the overall look.
  • Model retouching by removing any spots, blemishes, wrinkles and more to remove further imperfections.
  • Achieving a flawless skin tone capturing the beauty of models.
  • Hair masking to remove all the stray and stranded hairs.
  • High resolution photos gives the intended messages to the rightful customers paving the way for a successful advertising.