Jewelry Photo Retouching

Jewelry retouching is the technique to refine the images of jewelry items such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, chains, earrings and much more. Although Jewelry is considered a decorative item but it still holds a lot of personal value attached to it. Raw images from the camera may not accurately depict the beauty of a jewelry item. A retouched image will improve the quality of the image. The aim is to refine the overall image by making color adjustments, lighting and exposure settings, background removal and add some shine and polishing to make it attractive.

TSS team of experts will carry out a series of activities such as removing spots or blemish from the image, choose the correct color matching with the actual jewelry item, adjust the brightness, contrast and white balance to improve the appearance of the image. Sometimes it’s difficult to naturally bring out the shiny side of the jewelry and the TSS team can add artificial glares to shine and make your jewelry stand out. Shadows are subjective and can be either be kept, removed or added as per the request but nice natural shadows add to the beauty of the product. 

Clipping Path Service Categories

Clipping Path - Basic

Basic clipping path is mainly applied on products appearing straight, rectangular, square, round, and oval. It’s an elementary category in which products don’t contain any hole. Among the products that come under this category, book, cup, monitor, mobile, ball, egg, etc. are worth mentioning.

Simple Clipping Path

Simple clipping path is utilized on straight, square, rectangular, round, and oval products too. But the core difference between simple and basic clipping path is in the existence of hole. In simple clipping path, products show up with holes. Shirt, pants, watch, glass, ring, 

What is Jewelry Photo Retouching ?

Jewelry comes in several designs, some simple and some could be really complex. They are made out of metal, silver, gold, platinum, coral, beads, shells and more. But when it comes to Jewelry, quality matters the most, the shine, the cut, the placement, everything needs to be perfect. That’s where retouching an image helps to fix all the imperfections that were captured during the photography. After getting the jewelry photos from your hired photographer, you may find some dust, scratches, spots and blemishes. Jewelry retouching will help to clean up your image and preserve the natural look.