About Us


The Snap Solutions is a retouching studio based in Ahmedabad India, in the heart of Gujarat “the land of Mahatma Gandhi”. We are independent and versatile creative agency offering services to all clients hailing from different industries looking for creative high-end retouched photos to promote their business growth, catch their customers attraction and boost sales to all facets of the business.


Our owner, Mahesh Sharma, started this business out of his undying passion for photography, an art that allows him to see the world from his eye, mapping it out through his lens and find something interesting, inspiring and motivating to share with the world. Mahesh was out on a holiday trip with few of his fellow photographers, some of them who are professional and working for big fashion brands and they discussed the difficulties and the gaps that are still prevailing in the industry between a photographer and a good retoucher such as time, quality, budget, communication. Mahesh got an instant idea of establishing a reputed organization that will fill those gaps and provide a quality and timely service at an affordable price. So solutions for your snaps (photos) in a snap. Thus the name “The Snap Solutions”.